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Bouko Bakker

Senior Advisor Sexual and Gender Diversity

Acknowledging and naming mutual differences does justice to everyone.

Bouko BakkerExpertise

My expertise in the departments of Programmes in the Netherlands and Research is health promotion of lesbian women, gay men, bi-sexuals and transgenders (LGBTs). I employ my knowledge and expertise in research and interventions in the fields of education, health care and welfare. I find it crucial to focus structural attention to sexual and gender diversity in Dutch health care that is based upon findings in the varied group of LGBTs.

Short biography

I have worked at Rutgers since 2012 after having been consultant at Schorer, Expert Centre on Homosexuality and Health, for many years. I have experience both as practitioner and manager, was coordinator of a Buddy Project, an extensive network of volunteers providing care to HIV-positive, gay men. I was manager Counselling and Prevention and also senior consultant and project manager.

These past few years I have mainly been involved in the HIV/STI prevention programmes for gay men, nationally as well as internationally. Nowadays, I concern myself with promoting the sexual health of LGBTs. Recently, Rutgers published the research report A World of Difference (April 2014) that I commissioned, co-authored and edited. This study draws a unique picture of the sexual health of LGBTs and all relevant factors.

In addition, I am busy building a network of counsellors, researchers and policy makers to promote knowledge transfer, cooperation and project development. I contribute to making interventions LGBT-inclusive, in the field of education and public information. I write publications, reports and research programmes.

Extra-curricular activities include my work as a volunteer in a psychiatric institution having trained as clinical psychologist.