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On this page you can learn more about early marriage and teenage pregnancy violate girls’ rights and what our programme Hello, I Am contains. With this pogramme we enable young people in Bangladesh to break harmful social norms and have more say in decisions about their futures.

community screening operational research shows increased understanding

As part of Hello, I Am, BBC Media Action runs community screenings where educational videos are followed by group discussion on topics including child marriage, early pregnancy, eve teasing (public sexual harassment), and school drop-out. This new research shows that the community screenings increased understanding amongst participants, and spark discussion within families and in the wider community about the topics. Adolescent girls are more confident to discuss some topics in the family. Fathers and boys report that the screenings influenced them to stop teasing girls in the streets, which they previously thought was normal, and to tell others to stop teasing girls too.

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Highlights brief

Community outreach activities include campaigns, drama shows developed by young people, dialogue events bringing together three generations and large community fairs.Between January 2017 and December 2018, these community activities reached a total of 15.918 young people and 11.489 adults.

Check this midterm brief of the Hello, I Am programme and discover more of our 2017-2018 highlights. Click on the image to read the flyer.



Positive role models

Hello, I Am creates a supportive social and family environment in which young people can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. Through a series of media and face-to-face programmes, role models will raise awareness on harmful practices like child marriage and teenage pregnancy. Alternative behaviours, attitudes, or beliefs will be shown and discussed. These media and face-to-face programmes seek to encourage community leaders and parents to become more supportive of girls’ aspirations

Hello Check

As part of the Hello I Am programme, local partner BBC Media action Bangladesh produced several clips for the Hello Check television series.
Check some of those clips below.

a) When to get married?

b) Image of opposite sex

c) Dare to dream

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Hello, I Am programme Two Pager

Interested to learn more about the Hello, I Am programme? Have a look inside the Hello, I Am Two Pager. It illustrates the core of the programme and provides information on the goals, approach, Hello, I Am partners and more.

Launch of the programme

Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu on Thursday inaugurated ‘Hello, I Am-HIA’, a four-year programme towards ending child marriage through creating a supportive social environment challenging the socio-cultural norms that endorse child marriages.

Read the press release on the launching of the programme.