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Capacity Building

Some of the most important work we do can be described as capacity building. Institutional capacity building means work that helps organisations to develop their ability to set and achieve their own objectives.

Because so many of our projects are delivered in partnerships it is important we all work to be the most effective organisations we can be. We have developed tools and approaches to help our partners monitor and improve their effectiveness.

What about communities?

Of course capacity building isn’t just about organisations. Communities and individuals can be strengthened too.

Most Rutgers projects enable communities to articulate and pursue their sexual and reproductive health rights and needs, because achieving those is our core objective.

So community capacity building is at the heart of many of our programmes.

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Learning our own lessons

Rutgers worked for three years with Dutch capacity building specialist PSO to strengthen its field offices and their partners in Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia. This Work Training Programme taught all of us how to recognise our strengths and weaknesses and how to work in a more cooperative way to achieve our goals. As a result there is now greater trust, transparency and collaboration, which help deliver improved programmes.

Strengthening programmes

With another partner, Stop AIDS Now!, Rutgers developed two tools to help smaller NGO’s strengthen their sexual and reproductive health work. Both organisations are determined to improve the effectiveness of this work for young people. These tools now help civil society organisations in Africa to plan and design youth programmes and to evaluate and improve their work when it is up and running.

Other projects

Developing the capacity of young people is one of the key objectives of the ASK programme, working to increase their ability to learn about and access sexual and reproductive health and rights services.

MOSAIC has had the pleasure of have a long-standing relationship with Rutgers. This relationship has been one that has grown from an idea to real lifechanging interventions for women, men and male and female youth, something that MOSAIC would not have been able to do without the support and guidance from Rutgers.

Kerryn Rehse
Operations Manager at MOSAIC Training, Service & Healing Centre for Women, South Africa

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