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Research is central to our work. What we do is based on the latest evidence that we also make available to our partners and others around the world. We do research on the ground to shape our interventions. And we undertake studies that inform our understanding of sexual and reproductive behaviour and attitudes.

Staying up to date

By surveying the facts and figures reported in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights we maintain an accurate body of information for our partners.

The groups we target have access to this data from current research and can track changing trends.

As well as collating international data from other sources, Rutgers produces original data from its sexual health studies in the Netherlands.

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Developing our interventions

‘Evidence-based’ means our interventions are based on research and knowledge, but what if the research is not available? Some projects have to incorporate their own research. This ensures, as with our youth advocates in Rwanda and our adolescent sexual health researchers in Malawi and Bangladesh, that programmes address the real challenges in the most appropriate ways. We also prioritise monitoring and evaluation, so that every project can demonstrate how well its methods are working or change them if they don’t.

Original research

Rutgers undertakes theory-driven research into the social and psychological processes relevant to the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. We investigate sexual and reproductive behaviour and attitudes. Our research focuses on behaviour and its causes, experience and perceptions, and the sexual health needs of particular groups.

Creating research partnerships

In the middle- and low-income countries that we work in, Rutgers builds connections between our implementing partners and academia, for example between Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) and the School of Social Sciences at Makerere University in Kampala.


Rutgers publishes its work to share its findings so others can benefit. We regularly present papers at conferences and submit articles to journals for professionals in the field of sexual and reproductive health and peer-reviewed scientific journals. We also publish research reports. A growing number of our publications are in English as well as Dutch. A few are in French and even fewer in Portuguese.