Date: 2 November 2017 | Time: 09:00 | Location: Utrecht

Rutgers celebrates 50 years!

Rutgers celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017. This marks, of course, a special milestone for our organisation and the world of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Our work is carried out in the Netherlands and in countries where we can make a difference. Rutgers’ work is part of the ‘Dutch identity’ which firmly commits to enabling people make their own choices in relation to sexuality and reproductive health.  


Nisso was founded in 1967, one of the forerunners of present-day Rutgers. Nisso later merged with the Rutgers foundation to form the Rutgers Nisso Group and the latter merged with the World Population Foundation to form Rutgers as we know it today.


At the beginning of November, a celebratory (and substantive) meeting for our associates and partners will also be organised. What has been achieved during this period in the Netherlands and in the world? What are we proud of, what worked and what didn’t work? And what do young people need in a fast-changing world? In the Netherlands and abroad? Ideas will be exchanged with professionals, policy makers, politicians and of course with young people themselves.