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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) are the rights to decide freely upon ones sexuality, when to have children, as well as the right to have a safe and healthy sex life free from coercion and infections such as HIV. These rights are especially important to youth, since a lot of the issues surrounding it affect them. Young people are often sexually active but rarely have the legal right to freely decide on their sexuality. When girls are able to decide when they become pregnant, they can finish school, realizing their fundamental human right to education. This allows them to find good work, thus contributing to their country’s development.

Alarming figures

Over 40% of new HIV infections occur among people aged 15-24, mostly young women. Despite these alarming figures, questions around sexuality remain unanswered for young people in many countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 22 million abortions continue to be performed unsafely each year, resulting in the death of an estimated 47 000 women and disabilities for an additional 5 million women. Almost every one of these deaths and disabilities could have been prevented through sexuality education, family planning, and the provision of safe, legal induced abortion and care for complications of abortion. Globally, 25% of pregnancies ended in (induced) abortion in 2010–2014. 

Urgent need 

There is an urgent need for governments, donors and international organisations to prioritize the formulation and implementation of clear strategies for the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people. 

External event

I Commit To Deliver

At Women Deliver Global Conference (17-19 May, Copenhagen) the SRHR Alliance organised the external event #ICommitToDeliver - Broadening the support for youth SRHR. At the end of this interactive event with Keynote speaker dr. Babatunde Osotemehin, Executive Director of UNFPA and the Dutch ambassodor of SRHR mr. Lambert Grijns amongst others, our joined action agenda was launched. This action agenda aims to further improve and scale up Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for adolescents and youth is based on the evidence, lessons learned and successes of the Dutch SRHR Alliance programmes, Unite for Body Rights (UFBR) and Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK).


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