Rutgers opens country office in Uganda

Rutgers has opened a new country office in Kampala, Uganda. The office will support the programmes carried out by Rutgers in East Africa to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights. Having a Ugandan branch helps Rutgers to build alliances in the region and to contextualize our methods. Rutgers Uganda is our third country office outside the Netherlands, next to the ones in Indonesia and Pakistan.

People in East Africa have to face many challenges to fulfil their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Together with Rutgers’ headquarters in the Netherlands and its partners in the region, Rutgers Uganda will address these challenges through education, advocacy and research.

HLP at opening Rutgers Uganda

Informed choices

Rutgers supports partners to make reliable and age-appropriate sexuality education accessible to young people. Quality information helps young people to make informed choices in relationships and makes them less vulnerable for sexual violence, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Rutgers Uganda and its partners are implementing innovative tools for sexuality education, like a computer-based curriculum that children can follow with or without their teacher. This curriculum The World Starts with Me was first developed in Uganda in 2003 and is now implemented in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. 'It is important for young people to be well informed before they are faced with  body changes during adolescence, an unwanted pregnancy or becoming HIV-positive,' says Anslem Wadega, Rutgers Uganda Country Director.

In addition, Rutgers Uganda builds capacity with young people around the country to conduct research on sexual and reproductive health needs.


Since starting our work in Uganda in 1998, Rutgers has established many valuable partnerships with schools, health care providers, NGO’s, local authorities, ministries and academies in the region. Rutgers Uganda will continue to maintain and expand these collaborations. It will also be the first point of contact for partners that implement any new programmes in the country.

In the picture from left to right: Lambert Grijns (The Netherlands SRHR Ambassador), Dianda Veldman (Ex. director Rutgers), Dutch Ambassador in Uganda, and  Anslem Wandega, the new country director of Rutgers Uganda


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