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| Location: Uganda

Intergenerational Dialogue to Engage Youth in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights starts in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda - Today nearly half of the World’s population – around 3 billion people- are under the age of 25. As these young people become sexually active, sexual and reproductive health services are under increasing pressure.

Unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions and HIV infections can destroy lives. Reach a Hand Uganda and partners have started an intergenerational dialogue to prevent this by improving access to information on sexual and reproductive health services for young people.

Currently, there are approximately 157 million young adults aged 15 to 24 in Sub-Saharan Africa; this number is expected to increase to 198 million by 2015. All these creative and energetic young people joining the labor market offer great economic opportunities. But as they enter their reproductive years, new challenges emerge, including increasing adolescent HIV prevalence and sexual and gender based violence, unsafe abortion, or death during delivery.

The sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people are under attack by conservative evangelical and civil society organizations. Also, the traditional societal mechanisms that are supposed to offer these young people the guidance and protection they require,such as constructive dialogue and guidance,are not adequately functional. Parents have abandoned their advisory role and with society considering sex talk a taboo young people are pushed to seek information from their peers and new media. The purpose of the Intergenerational Dialogue is to bridge the communication gap and bring back the role of parents and elderly in providing guidance to the youth with their involvement.