| Date: 16 October 2017 | Time: 09:00

European start-up meeting on the Flag System

The Flag System enables professionals to make a clear distinction between healthy and (un)acceptable sexual behaviour and supports professionals in a pedagogical response. Rutgers and Sensoa are looking for partners in Europe to implement the Flag System in their country. On 16 October 2017 we organize a start-up meeting of this project.

Start-up meeting

Our group consists of 12 participants from 8 different countries. At the meeting we will explain more about the European development of the Flag System and we will explore the implementation possibilities within each country.

We have created a platform for professionals and organizations about the project and further developments. Although registration is now closed, please join our platform if you are interested. We will keep you informed.


The morning will be spent on introductions  and the Flag System and we will provide you with more details on the project. After that we will introduce the first outlines of the international website on which you can comment. In the afternoon, we will talk further about the implementation, possibilities within your country, conditions, experiences and necessary implementation tools. 

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