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Unplanned pregnancies, sexual violence, girls who get forced into marriage with older men, or sexually transmitted infections such as HIV; in a number of developing countries young people are far from in control when it comes to their sexuality. They rarely have the right to freely decide on their sexuality or do not have the right information to make healthy decisions about their own body.

Made & Putri (Photo: Marieke van der Velden)In the Netherlands we hold our sexual freedom dear. Young people can discover their own sexuality with the partner of their choice and at a pace that suits them. This sexual freedom has been one of our export products for a long time, we have been in the driver’s seat. But are we still in the lead? And if we want to be, what does that mean for the policies we make? Can we meaningfully contribute to young people’s freedom around sexuality in different countries? Time to discuss this with our policy makers.

Are you between 18 and 24 years old? Do you want to ask your question on these topics to our Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Mrs. Ploumen? Join our Young & In Control event on Monday June 20th in the Atrium in The Hague!

Invitation Young & In Control

Photo exhibition

Visit the Young & In Control photo exhibition in the Atrium, City hall of The Hague. Award winning photographer Marieke van der Velden portrayed young people in Indonesia and Kenya sharing their stories about sexuality and relationships. These stories show why further investment in sexual rights and health for young remains necessary. The exhibition will be officially opened by Minister Ploumen together with young people from Asia and Africa during the Young & In Control event and is open for the public from 20 June - 2 July.


The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Alliance works in nine countries in Africa and Asia towards a society free of poverty, where all women and men, girls and boys, including marginalized groups, have the same rights. Through the provision of good-quality SRHR education, our programmes empower young people and women to make healthy and well-informed decisions. Furthermore, our programmes strengthen the provision of quality public and private sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services that are accessible, acceptable and affordable for young people and women. Also, UFBR implements community sensitization and participation activities to create an environment that accepts and supports (adolescent) SRHR.

Between 2011 and 2015 the Dutch SRHR Alliance implemented two programs: Unite for Body Rights (UFBR) and Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK). The two programs were jointly implemented with over 50 local partners in 11 countries. Impressive results have been achieved, but much still needs to be done.

Results ASK / UFBR

The two programmes reached almost 116 million people in 11 countries with large scale campaigning of SRHR messages. Through more than 400,000 youth-led community activities, youth voiced their needs and rights to increase support for young people’s SRHR. Seven country alliances contributed to positive changes in SRHR policies. 

20 million young people, women and men were reached with SRHR education and information. Almost 28 million services were provided to young people, women and men. Over 39 million contraceptive commodities were provided to young people, men and women. Almost 70.000 educators have been trained and capacitated to deliver SRHR education. Over 80,000 service providers have been trained in provision of (youth friendly) services, including more than 1,000 on safe abortion.


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