Event: What we want,what we need, what we do - an intimate dialogue between minister Kaag and young people

Wednesday 10 April, Rutgers is organising an intimate dialogue between minister Kaag and young people from different countries. Focus will be on young people’s ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights linked with their opportunities for economic and social development. What issues do they face, how are they addressing these, and how can collaboration with the Dutch Ministry and other stakeholders help in securing better sexual and reproductive rights and access to social and economic development for young people.

Unfinished business

This dialogue is organized on the occasion of the Dutch launch of the UNFPA State of the World Population Report 2019 titled "Unfinished Business: The pursuit of rights and choices for all". It  takes place in The Hague.

The most important conclusion of the World Population Survey 2019: ‘Universal access to sexual and reproductive health not only relates to the issue of rights, but also the vital importance in achieving other global development goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals.’

About unfinished Business

In 1994 the ground-breaking ICPD Programme of Action was accepted by 179 governments. In this ICPD Action Programme human rights are central to sustainable development. The programme recognises the right of all people to be free from abuse or sexual harassment, and everyone’s right to experience their sexuality in a satisfactory and pleasurable way. Young people and adolescents are also recognised as rightsholders in relation to their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).  

Sexual rights under pressure

A lot has been reached in the past 25 years, though many challenges still remain. Growing political populism and religious conservatism are making it continually more difficult for young people, young women and LGBT people in particular, to make independent choices about sex, sexuality, use of contraception, relationships and having children. For example, only this week Brunei has implemented the death penalty for homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians. Last week, the Trump administration extended its ban on funding for groups involved in abortion or promoting abortion rights, known as the global gag rule. Moreover, we also see a growing trend against abortion in the Netherlands, and topics such as gender and sexual diversity and sexual violence are insufficiently addressed, particularly in education.

It is important to join forces and take action together so that everyone can be part of social and economic developments and benefit from them, and can exercise their human rights and make their own choices. 

More information on ICPD and ICPD+25

UNFPA press release


Rutgers and UNFPA have a long-term partnership. This includes the annual launch of the State of The World Population report. This year 's focus is the 'Unfinished Business' and overcoming the barriers that prevent people from fully exercing their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


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