On International Day of Happiness, Prevention+ Releases New Animated Video to Promote a Happier, Healthier, More Equal World

On International Day of Happiness, Rutgers is pleased to share a new animated video, created through the Prevention+ programme, which promotes gender-equal societies without violence, as well as happier and healthier relationships.

Prevention+ is a five-year, multi-country programme that envisions a world where healthy, respectful, and equal relationships are the norm. To contribute to making this a reality, the programme targets the drivers of gender-based violence; it addresses particular social, economic, and cultural factors that shape attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence. The programme actively engages young and adult men as partners and advocates for change – alongside young and adult women – to challenge and transform harmful gender norms and practices.

Approach, Work and Impact

The new Prevention+ animated video provides an overview of the programme’s approach, work, and impact in Indonesia, Rwanda, and Uganda – including emerging evidence around working with fathers and couples to prevent violence.

We encourage all partners and colleagues to disseminate this video as a communications tool to share information and best practices, and to catalyze collective action at multiple levels of society to end gender-based violence and advance equality.

International Day of Happiness

The video was previewed in March at sixty-third session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York, and has officially launched on International Day of Happiness – drawing linkages between transforming harmful gender norms and preventing violence as critical to basic human rights, wellbeing, and quality of life for all people.

Learn more about the Prevention+ programme here.

Read case studies sharing best practices and lessons learned from the programme here.

Prevention+ is led by a consortium of Rutgers, Sonke Gender Justice, and Promundo, and it is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.