Right Here Right Now: Young leaders take part in a three-day leadership training

National coordinators (NC) from the Right Here Right Now strategic partnership have successfully completed a three-day course on leadership in Utrecht. Meaningful youth participation and youth leadership are core principles of the SRHR advocacy partnership, and with their new skills the national coordinators are now able to lead and manage their national platforms more effectively.

Stronger youth leadership

During the three days, the participants focused on leadership, management and networking. Skills they will be able to use daily in their role as National Coordinators. Right Here Right Now consists of eleven platforms that uniquely bring together youth, LGBTI and women’s organisations to collectively advocate for sensitive SRHR issues. “This is a great opportunity for many reasons,” said Rutgers ED, Ton Coenen. “Strengthening your individual leadership skills, means much stronger youth leadership in your countries.”

Intercultural communications

The Caribbean Region’s NC, Brandon said: “The Leadership skills I acquired during the last three days, will really help me lead my platform. It’s important to learn more about mediation and intercultural communications, as our platform is very diverse and we incorporate four languages. We’re a global partnership and we interact with many different cultures. Therefore we need to understand different cultural values and learn other ways of interacting.”

“Trainings like this are critical for us. Being a National Coordinator is demanding, and we need to share ideas with our counterparts. We do the same work and we can help each other grow and share the same values throughout the partnership”, explains Brandon.

Core qualities

“My key lesson from the training is that I need to know my core qualities as a person”, says Tendaishe, National Coordinator from Zimbabwe. “Knowing yourself helps you become a good leader. In the future I will try to create more personal relationships with my platform members, to get to know them as individuals. They all have different personal goals and directions they want to go in. It’s understanding what they need, that ensures I can effectively communicate with them and deal with potential conflict better.”

Right Here Right Now is a strategic advocacy partnership, with platforms in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Caribbean Subregion. During international events like the leadership training, the advantages of such a diverse network really show. Tendaishe: “Being with the other National Coordinators is always a lot of fun. We share the same energy, so trainings like this are very re-energising.”


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