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Sex in Class: Goedele Liekens' lessons a big hit in the UK

The documentary Sex in Class was broadcasted on Channel 4 in the UK on 6 august 2015. In this programme Belgian tv-presenter and sexologist Goedele Liekens advocates for a more explicit style of sex-and-relationships education in British secundary schools. A pilot was held in a Lancashire school. Right after the show #SexInClass was trending topic on Twitter UK.

Twitter about #sexinclassThe show had already caused a lot of commotion before it was broadcast, but since the programme was shown on tv, Goedele has gained a lot of British fans.

In the documentary Liekens gives a couple of lessons in sexual education to British teens.

In a review the Guardian calls the Belgian sexologist ‘a new hero, coming to save our kids and their future love lives with a frank approach to education.’

Many British watchers were almost too embarassed to watch...


Brilliant Move

By choosing Goedele Liekens, an outsider with a typically Dutch and direct approach, Channel 4 has made a brilliant move.

Even the conservative newspaper The Daily Telegraph rated the programme with 4 stars.  

Meanwhile Goedele has received a lot of praise and rumour has it that a series is being planned.

Goedele on the success of the show

“Dutch sexuality education is a great export product. The method I have used in the UK is the method that I learned from Rutgers: the success of this method being in the open attitude and frankness which never turns vulgar, is accurate, and without any taboos.”

Role of Rutgers

During the preparations and taping the show Rutgers collaborated closely with Goedele. Rutgers gave advice and supplied research data. 

Watch the trailer: 


Compared to many other countries the Netherlands has one of the lowest teenage pregnancy rates and scores low on STIs. Young people are generally well informed on sexuality and contraceptive use is high. We are often asked about sex education in the Netherlands, and how we have become so open minded about sex. Our film 'Dutch Lessons in Love' has tried to answer these questions.

How do Rutgers and partners see to it that young people in the Netherlands experience sexuality in a safe, pleasurable and desirable way, at the time they are ready for it?  Be inspired and convinced.

Lessons in Love part 1 relates about social developments and organisations such as Rutgers that took part in those social movements, resulting in a liberal sexual climate.


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