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European implementation

The Flag System fulfils a specific need in the Netherlands and Belgium. Even though the Flag System might need adjustments to fit other European settings and countries, the huge demand in both Belgium and the Netherlands makes Rutgers believe that there is a need for this tool in other countries as well.

We understand that professionals (health care, social care, education and other fields) in other European countries are dealing with the same difficulties in identifying (un)acceptable behaviour and effectively streamlining the pedagogical response in an ever-changing society. 

European project

We, therefore, started a project in 2017 to implement the Flag System in European countries, outside the Netherlands and Belgium. With this project, we would like to stimulate the implementation of the Flag System in Europe, create the proper conditions to realize this in order to enhance healthy sexual development of children and young people in Europe and to prevent sexual abusive behaviour. 

European community 

Rutgers is looking for partners in Europe to implement this tool in their country. Rutgers will develop a toolbox with support for countries that will enrol the project. We have created a platform for professionals and organizations about the project and further developments. You can indicate your interest in implementing the Flag System in your country and/ or your wish to stay connected by filling in this form.

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International website

We've launched March 2018. This website gives online access to the Flag System and is part of the implementing toolbox for Europe. 

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