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Needs assessment

Rutgers is looking for partners in Europe to implement the Flag System in their country. With a needs assessment we have mapped the need for a tool such as the Flag System in Europe.

With this project, we would like to stimulate the implementation of the Flag System in Europe. Our main objective in the project is to enhance healthy sexual development of children and young people in Europe and to prevent sexual abuse.

Needs assessment

With a questionnaire we have assessed:

  • the need for a tool to identify (un)acceptable sexual behaviour in Europe
  • the possibilities of implementing this tool in Europe 


  1. Cultural or social norms and values
    In 65% of the countries there is reluctance regarding (talking about) sexuality (40% towards children, 25% in general). 
  2. Available guidelines (nationwide) for discussing sexuality
    Seventyfive per cent of the organisations indicates there is at least one (national) guideline. Most guidelines focus on sexual abuse. 
  3. All organisations indicate a need
    For the distincition between healthy and (un)acceptable sexual behavior, talking about sexuality, how to respond to healthy and (un)acceptable sexual behavior and to support the experience of sexuality in positive and healthy way.  

Reasons mentioned for the need

  • Professionals lack knowledge on how to react to sexual behavior. “They are particularly interested on how to react on different sexual behaviors rather than be proactive and provide support before the actual behavior it is happening.” (Answer from questionnaire)
  • Lack of tools. “No available tool for professionals to assess sexual behavior.” (Answer from questionnaire)
  • Lack of skills on how react to sexual behavior. “Some feel very uncomfortable discussing sexuality topics with children.” (Answer from questionnaire)

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