Prevention+ programme

Prevention+ is the follow up of the innovative MenCare+. The programme focusses on involving (young) men in order to reduce violence against women, and to improve the economic participation and self-sufficiency of women.

The programme is called in full ‘Prevention+: Partnering with Men to end Gender Based Violence’. In Prevention+ we are working together with women’s rights organisations and the MenEngage Global alliance to end Gender Based Violence.
By involving (young) men, the programme addresses the deeply-rooted causes of violence and works towards creating another culture based on equality and respect for women’s rights. 

Rwanda, Uganda, Indonesia and Pakistan and MENA region

Prevention+ will be carried out in cooperation with women’s rights organisations in four countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Indonesia and Pakistan. In addition activities will be carried out in the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa region). The programme will also work with women’s’ rights organisations in addressing advocacy, with the UN for example.

Reducing violence

The programme aims to preventatively combat violence against women by involving men and boys individually and collectively as part of the solution. Many men are expected to be the breadwinner and protector of the family. If a man is unable to fulfil this role, there is a feeling of ‘failed masculinity’. This sometimes ends in crisis and a feeling of humiliation, with violence as a result.

Equal and caring relationships

The programme gives (young) men the opportunity to break away from constraining macho concepts and to develop into individuals capable of equal and caring relationships. By helping them to work through their own experiences of violence, for example, and encouraging positive behaviour. Research shows that if fathers are more involved in parenting, less cases of domestic violence take place.

Economic participation

In programmes that encourage the economic participation of women, it is more than ever important to include men. In fact programmes only aimed at the economic strengthening of women can sometimes lead to new cases of domestic violence. This is why Prevention+ is going to work with women and their partners in order to further the economic participation and self-sufficiency of women, which benefits women, men and their families.

Prevention+ is carried out by Rutgers, Promundo and Sonke for Gender Justice. The programme runs from 2016-2021.

More information on the Prevention+ programme you can find in the brochure


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Preventing violence

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