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In many countries where the SRHR Alliance works, the voices of LGBT are not heard. They face discrimination, exclusion and stigmatization, and as a result are excluded from the public debate. They often also have limited access to SRHR information and - services. Numerous studies concluded that non-heterosexual men and women were more often in poor health (including mental health) and yield edevidence for more suicidal thoughts and attempts, more substance use, a higher degree of (sexual) victimization and greater sexual health risks than the general population or comparable heterosexual groups.

It is therefore essential to provide organizations working on SRHR with opportunities to learn how to be more inclusive of all those within the communities they serve. Only by sensitizing ourselves to the issues concerned, and gaining the experience, information, attitudes and skills necessary to address these issues, we will be able to reach our wider goals of ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

These tools reflects the work of strongly motivated, courageous and mostly non-LGBT Changemakers in Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania, who have proven to be strong advocates and frontliners. They are to adapt, adopt, share and possibly improve by you. These tools are also an invitation to all SRHR professionals to get in touch and to share your knowledge, your skills, your tools and experiences with us as well.

General tools and documents

The TLP programme at a glance

LGBT health and rights

Q & A



Final report on the TLP in Indonesia

The MSGD Changemakers experience in Indonesia

Baseline staff survey


MSGD Changemakers Most Significant Change Stories

Training of Trainers Manual



Final report on the TLP in Kenya

Baseline survey report

Olston stairs of tolerance




Baseline survey report

Desk study policy and legal documents

Position paper by Alliance members

Survey on alternative SRH services for LGBT in Malawi

Towards Sexual Citizenship, a casestudy on LGBT in Malawi





Community and staff survey of one of the partners

Sexual Diversity Survey Report, 2014





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