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Mission and Vision

We envisage a world where all people are able to make their own sexual and reproductive choices, free from discrimination, coercion and violence.


We believe that realising sexual and reproductive health and rights leads to individual wellbeing and healthy, inclusive and prosperous societies.

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When society enables knowledge, openness and freedom of choice, this will prevent sexual coercion or violence, unwanted pregnancy and reduce risks to mental and physical health.

Cultural norms and values and gender stereotypes have a great impact on healthy sexuality.

We must strengthen the position of women in society and in the family in all its diversity and inspire men and women to be equally caring partners and parents.

Everyone has the right to universal access to sexual and reproductive health information, education and services, including contraceptives and safe abortion. 

This will enable them to enjoy a safe and pleasurable sexual life and prevent unwanted pregnancies, STIs, HIV and AIDS.

It also includes comprehensive sexuality education for the healthy social and sexual development of children, adolescents and young people. Governments play a key role in fulfilment of these rights and in ensuring that the resources are available to realise them.


We want to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Netherlands and around the world. We work for gender justice and to improve the lives of young people and vulnerable groups.

We work to achieve our mission through:

  • Research: We seek to understand the world as it is and use evidence to inform our work.
  • Education: We develop information, training and tools for education and healthcare professionals, enabling them to inform and support others appropriately.
  • Advocacy: We support policy and decision makers to incorporate sexual and reproductive health and rights in programming, policy and legislation and urge them to ensure compliance.

We strengthen civil society and work as equal partners with local, national and international organisations and networks to achieve our common objectives. Our efforts are always informed by the principles of non-discrimination, equity and respect for diversity.

How we achieve our mission

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