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Willy van Berlo

The message that sex should be a positive experience is more important than warning about dangers and risks.

Willy van BerloExpertise 

In my work the emphasis is on the sexuality of vulnerable groups and sexual violence. I enjoy getting to the bottom of problems, thinking up concrete approaches and communicating clearly on these issues. At the moment, as coordinator, I am partly responsible for the national programmes of Rutgers.

Short biography

During my studies on the history of art and psychology I was already interested in themes such as sexuality, gender and views in relation to femininity and masculinity. I started my career as researcher and have published articles on various subjects, including the sexual abuse of people with a disability, sexual intimidation in the work place, sex and illness, sexualisation and teenage pregnancies.

As well as this work I am writing a thesis on sexual violence among people with a disability. I am also chairperson of the Henny Verhagen Foundation which focusses on the advancement of research and education in the field of health and diversity.