Rutgers celebrates 50 years!

Rutgers celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017. This marks, of course, a special milestone for our organisation and the world of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Our work is carried out in the Netherlands and in countries where we can make a difference. Rutgers’ work is part of the ‘Dutch identity’ which firmly commits to enabling people make their own choices in relation to sexuality and reproductive health.  

Rutgers works in the Netherlands and in those countries where we think we can make a difference. Thus, the Rutgers mission is part of the Dutch identity, that highly values enabling people make their own choices regarding sexuality and a sound population structure.


On 2 November 2017 Rutgers organises a private celebratory meeting to mark the 50th anniversary of the organisation.

What has been achieved in the Netherlands and in the world at large? What are we proud of, what has been successful and what did not work? What do young people need in a fast-changing world both in the Netherlands and abroad?

Under the supervision of moderator Sophie Hilbrand (Dutch radio and TV presenter) ideas will be exchanged with professionals, policy makers, politicians and needless to say with young people themselves.


09:00 amReception
09:30 am Opening by Sophie Hilbrand, radio and TV presenter (moderator)
09:35 amTon Coenen, Executive Director of Rutgers, welcomes and addresses the audience
09:50 amA debate with 3 young people from our international field of work:
- Humphrey Nabimanya from Uganda
- Jonah Chinga from Kenya
- Saeda Bani from Bangladesh
10:20 amDr Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli, World Health Organization, addresses the audience on the effectiveness of programmes on sexual and reproductive health and rights
10:40 amCoffee &  Tea Break
11:05 amPower Talk by James Smith from Young Works about young people’s experiences in the Netherlands.
11:20 amIntergenerational debate from various angles: What do young people living in the Netherlands need?
12:00 pmSex Education 2030 contest: a look at the future.
12:45 pmClosure by Sophie Hilbrand and Ton Coenen
12:50 pmFestive networking lunch

Note: The meeting is only open to invitees who have registered. For all other interested parties an extensive report will be published on this web page after the meeting.

Sex Education 2030

Together with U-Create we have launched the hackaton Sex education 2030. We challenged groups of students to come up with concepts of sexuality education in 2030. Students at the Utrecht School of Arts, prospective sexologists and technical students will take up this challenge, considering the future and designing a creative, innovative and high-impact concept. The best three groups of students will be asked to present their concepts during the celebratory event on 2 November. An expert jury will then decide on the winner.


Nisso, the Dutch Institute for Sexological Research, forerunner of the present-day organisation Rutgers, was founded in 1967. After a merger with the Rutgers Foundation to form the Rutgers Nisso Groep and another with WPF the present organisation Rutgers was formed as we know it today.